" Hi the lady who was assisting me was beyond helpful. She went out of her way to ensure that my application was complete in time. She was friendly, she gave me advise on what to do if ever my application is unsuccessful, whihc I highly appreciated. I got all the help I needed from the Sesi ladies. From application for my course to the application for Res. I would be very much willing to engage in Sesi's projects. I love their services and how they're helping us young girls. It's a beautiful programme. Thank you very much for starting this programme. I am very grateful for the assistance."


Koketso's Testimony 

Sesi Gender Mission

Sesi Gender Mission uses advocacy and campaigning to advance gender equality and justice in all areas affecting adolescent girls and womxn (inclusive of LGBTI+ individuals).

AGYW Essay Competition


Sesi Fellowship and Skill Hub embarked on a journey of drafting a national report that is meant to inform about the issues that AGYW in South Africa face and recommend solutions to these specific issues. In order to collect data, we embarked on an essay competition. In which we called on AGYW across South Africa to submit an essay about the issues that impact AGYW in their own communities. We received a total of 630 essay submissions and managed to launch the report.


Joint Gender Fund GBV guideline

Sesi Fellowship and Skill Hub, in partnership with Joint Gender Fund and Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa, embarked on a year-long project focusing on draftng a visual guide with details relevant to victims of gender based violence on all information that they will need to gain holistic support from institutions that exist to assist them with the laws that work in their favour. The project also included training activists and civil society organisations on using the guideline so that those they serve will receive the full benefits of the guideline.

Hear Her Out - Videography Storytelling

Sesi Fellowship and Skill Hub embarked on a journey of recording the stories of 5 AGYW in South africa. Stories relating to GBV, Period Poverty, Mental Health, Teenage Pregnancy and HIV. The intention of this project is to amplify the voices of AGYW, raise awareness about the issues that they face and put pressure on decision-makers to amplify to improve policy and programming that address AGYW issues.